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Set Different Rewards for High Customer Engagement and More Successful Referrals

Referral marketing has always been linked to monetary rewards, but that is not correct because you should put different rewards at stake to keep loyal customers referring your brand to others. It leads to high customer engagement, drives quick conversions, enhances CLV, and so on.

AfterShip Affiliates has come up with new reward types — ‘Free shipping’ and ‘Free product' — to pave the way for easier customer acquisition and high sales growth.

Please ensure that you're on the right plan to be able to get referral and affiliate links as per your business needs. Click here to check your plan details 😄

👀 Where can I find the reward types?

Make sure your store is connected with AfterShip Affiliates. Check this guide to learn how to do it if required :)
If you have not set any referral program with AfterShip Affiliates yet or want to change the reward type, click here

Tap here in case you want to customize the referral widget to make it more attention-grabbing

Once you are satisfied with all the settings, hit the ‘Save’ button

Now, go back to the ‘Home’ page of AfterShip Affiliates and turn on the toggle button saying, ‘Activate referral program’

Voilà! It’s done 🤟

👨‍💻 Key details to remember for ‘Free shipping’ reward type

➡️ If you want to waive the delivery charges for both the referrer and referee, select the ‘Free shipping’ reward type for both

➡️ If you want to offer free shipping regardless of the order value, leave both the associated options — 'Exclude shipping fee over a certain amount' and 'This discount requires a minimum order subtotal' — unchecked

➡️ In case you want to define some shopping criteria to offer free shipping, choose the given options wisely

Exclude shipping fee over a certain amount: After choosing this option, you will have to define a shipping amount. Now, if the shopper has order delivery charges lower than your defined value, the shipping amount will be exempted upon applying the coupon or vice versa

This discount requires a minimum order subtotal: As this option’s name suggests, the coupon holder will have to add products to his/her cart for being eligible for the free shipping

Note that if you choose both options, the coupon will be applied only when all the conditions are met. So, be careful while setting values for both options.
Referral widget for the ‘Free shipping’ reward type will look like this:

👨‍💻 Key details to remember for ‘Free product’ reward type

➡️ You have to choose the product for both referrers and referees, no matter whether you want to give the same product or a different one for free upon successful referral

➡️ If the chosen product is not active or out of stock, you’ll get a message to select a different item. Thus, it’s better to click here and ensure that all your products are active and available in a high quantity

Referral widget for the ‘Free product’ reward type will look like this:

In case you’ve any questions on these new reward types, shoot them in our chatbox right now

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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