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How to Customize the Referral Widget to Make It More Attention-Grabbing?

Referral marketing has always been the most effective way to boost business growth because it promises high customer engagement, positive word-of-mouth, drives sales, etc. without requiring hefty investment.

AfterShip Affiliates not only facilitates the whole referral marketing process for Shopify users but also allows gives some amazing customization options to enhance the experience of both referrers and referees.

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Steps to customize the referral widget:

Login to your AfterShip Affiliates account and click on the ‘Customize’ button

You will see three tabs: Settings, Content, and Style

The settings tab is all about defining the rewards and conditions for both referrers & referees. In case you want to learn in-depth, please check this help article.
🖌️ Go to the 'Content' tab first to finalize the text part

In step 1, you write for referrers. Enter your preferred content in the ‘Header’ and ‘Description’, and that’s exactly what your brand promoters will see after clicking on the referral widget.

You can even change the content of the popup text as per your liking to increase the number of brand promoters.

In step 2, you do everything as same as step 1, but for referees.

Upon scrolling down, you will see the ‘Widget’ section, which lets you change the text and position (for both desktop and mobile versions) of the referral widget. In addition, you can also decide whether you want to show the referral widget with its icon or not.

🎨 Explore the options given in the ‘Styles’ Tab

This tab is all about the look of the referral widget. It lets you choose colors related to the widget, popup, and buttons.

So, play around to match the appearance of the referral widget with your store’s theme.

Double-check everything and hit the ‘Save’ button when you are satisfied.

In case you face any issues while customizing the referral widget, get assistance from our support team without any hesitation 👍

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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