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Measure the Effectiveness of Your Loyalty Program With Referral History

Turning loyal customers into brand advocates can unlock many revenue-generating opportunities. However, maximum e-commerce businesses fail to measure the effectiveness of their referral marketing campaigns, thereby daydreaming persistently about better results.

With AfterShip Affiliates, the existence of this issue can be wiped off effortlessly. It lets you gain crucial insights by showing accurate referral history.

👨‍💻 How can I check my referral history, and what kind of data it offers?

Accessing referral history is super easy as you need to follow two simple steps:

Login to your AfterShip Affiliates account
Click on the third option, 'Referral history’, to get a clear picture of how well your referral program is performing

Yes, it’s that easy!

You get well-defined data from the ‘Referral history’, which helps you understand the impact of your loyalty programs on the overall sales growth. We would like to give a small brief about the all the sections of the Referral history, although they are self-explanatory

Total advocates: It depicts the total number of customers, who have entered their email addresses to get the referral link

Total referred customers: It sheds light on the number of new customers, who have made a purchase with the referral coupon

Total referral revenue: It shows the total revenue generated through a referral program

🤔 What more should I know?

Referral history comes with easy yet effective filters that help you get your hands on the accurate data.

Filter 1

Simply enter the email ID of the brand advocate to check how many times he/she has referred your brand to others.

Filter 2

Select the data range to check the total number of referrals, generated revenue, etc. on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

Filter 3

It is set by default to ‘Created at (newest first)’, which means you'll always see the latest referrals first. However, you can sort the data as you like by simply choosing any of the given options.

In case you need any other details on the referral history, connect with our chat support team now

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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