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How to Create Urgency With Reward Expiration Rule?


Both referrers and referees hold themselves back when it comes to shopping, even after having a referral coupon. The most cited reason for this is that they keep waiting for discounts on their desired products, and when the right time comes, they make a purchase using coupons. They call it, ‘Steal deal’.

From a business perspective, this is not good. Therefore, AfterShip Affiliates lets you set a reward expiration rule to boost sales growth. Let’s learn how to set it:

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👨‍💻 Steps to set the reward expiration rule

The referral coupon would be valid between reward issue date and the x number of days set by you. It won't be applicable once the clock goes past 23:59:59 p.m. (UTC time zone) on the final day.
Go to the ‘Home’ page of your AfterShip Affiliates account

Click on the ‘Customize’ button

Hit the checkbox placed right before ‘Rewards will expire after’ option for both step 1 and step 2 > Define the reward validity (in the number of days)

Tap on the ‘Save’ button to finish the procedure

Note that issued coupon codes won't be affected, no matter whether you are activating or deactivating the expiration rule.

✍️ Key details

AfterShip Affiliates lets you set multiple conditions for the referral rewards. Therefore, if you set the reward expiration rule along with any other condition, the coupon will only be applied when each condition is met. Let's understand this in a bit more explained manner:

👉 Scenario 1: When you choose 'Percentage off/Fixed amount' reward type

If you enable both the available conditions for referrers and referees — 'Minimum order subtotal' and 'Expiration rule' — they will only be able to take the benefit of the referral coupon when they place an order (meeting the order value you've set) within the given timeframe (expiry date that you've set).

👉 Scenario 2: When you choose 'Free product' reward type

For this reward type, you can only set one condition of reward expiration rule. So, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this reward type is the easiest one to set for Shopify merchants

👉 Scenario 3: When you choose 'Free shipping' reward type

This reward type has the most conditions — 'Minimum order subtotal,' 'Maximum shipping rate,' and 'Expiration rule' — to set. In case you decide to set all of them, both referrers and referees has to meet all the conditions to get free shipping on their order.

We suggest setting only two conditions for this reward type, because making things too much complicated may discourage prospects while shopping. As a result, this could result in monetary loss, negative WOM (word-of-mouth), and tarnished brand image.
In case of any doubt, discuss it with our chat support team now 👍

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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