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How to Create Affiliate Marketing Campaigns With AfterShip Affiliates?

In this modern era, brands love to invest in affiliate marketing because it helps to acquire new customers, boosts the sales of underperforming products, etc. and demands little effort in exchange. The reason being is influencers bring business by using their own marketing strategies.

AfterShip Affiliates lets you run affiliate marketing campaigns with the utmost ease so that your Shopify store stays two steps ahead of its competitors.

Please ensure that you're on the right plan to be able to get referral and affiliate links as per your business needs. Click here to check your plan details

Steps to set up an affiliate marketing campaign

Go to the ‘Affiliates’ section of your AfterShip Affiliates account > Click on 'Create campaign' and complete three easy steps to set up a campaign successfully.

Step 1: Create a campaign

Campaign Name: Give your campaign a name for better management

Campaign Type: Choose the campaign type from the given options: ‘Commission on sale’ and ‘Product gifting’

Commission on sales: It means you will pay commission to influencers on each product sale generated through their affiliate link

Product Gifting: It means you will give influencers one free product gift/campaign

Promoted Product: Specify whether you want affiliates to promote all your offerings or some specific collections/products

Campaign Period: Decide when you want to make your campaign active by mentioning the ‘Start date,’ ‘Start time,’ and ‘Start time zone’. In case you want to run your campaign for a particular period, define the end date and time as well

Once done, click on the ‘Save and next’ button

Step 2: Create an offer

Scenario 1: When campaign type is commission on product sales

Campaign Offer: Give your offer a name as shown in the image

Influencer Commission: Decide whether you want to reward your affiliates on a percentage or flat rate basis. Please note that The currency is based on the store currency.

Referred Customer Discount: Define how much discount you’re willing to offer to referred customers when they click on the affiliate link. In case you want to offer a discount based on the cart value, click on the given checkbox and mention the amount

Scenario 2: When campaign type is product gifting

Campaign Offer: The same as explained above

Influencer gifting: If you want influencers to choose their gift from their advertised products, click on the radio button given for ‘Promoted products’. In case you want them to select their gift from the list of particular products, click on the radio button given for ‘Specific products’

Referred Customer Discount: The same as explained above

Once done, click on the ‘Save and next’ button

Step 3: Add influencer details

If you have affiliates already saved in your influencer list, you can add one by simply searching by his/her name, email, or tag. In the case of adding a new affiliate, click on ‘Add influencers’

Note: You can add multiple influencers for the same campaign if you want to

Verify your created offer and then hit the ‘Create invite email’ button to send an invitation email to your added influencer(s). If you want to send the email notification later, click on the ‘Skip for now’ button

To learn how to create an invitation email with AfterShip Affiliates, click here.

👀 Can I add multiple offers and influencers?


Just navigate the ‘Affiliates’ section and select your campaign

Go to ‘Offers’ to add a new offer and then ‘Influencers’ to add a new influencer

Once done, the changes will reflect immediately. For example:

How can I monitor the performance of my affiliate campaigns?

Once your affiliate campaigns are active, go to the one for which you want to monitor the performance. You will see all the crucial details related to ‘Offers,’ ‘Influencers,’ and ‘Sales’ that will allow you to make the required changes if required.

What does each influencer status mean?

There are 6 types of influencer statuses to give you clarity regarding affiliates. Of course, you can change the status as per your preference for better influencer management. Here's what each influencer status means:

Invited: This status will be for those influencers who have received invitation over an email

Interested: It is for those who have shown interest in your campaign invitation

Not interested: It is for those who are not interested in your campaign invitation

Rejected: This status will be for those influencers that are interested in joining your campaign, but you have rejected due to some reason

Approved: Influencers who have shown interest after receiving an invitation email and also got approved from your side. The affiliate link will be generated automatically once you give your approval

Suspended: It will be shown when you suspend the collaboration with your approved influencers.

Note: If you suspend any influencer, we will stop tracking sales generated through his/her affiliate link immediately

Important info to keep in mind

The same name cannot be used while adding an influencer, therefore it is advisable to mention surname or email address to get a seamless experience

You won’t be able to change the details of your created offers and added influencers, once the campaign gets started

Commission will be confirmed when the order status is changed to ‘Confirmed’. Note that it generally takes 7 days

AfterShip don't handle influencer commissions, you have to pay influencers outside of our system.

In case you have selected a particular product or collection while creating a campaign, shoppers will only land on their dedicated page after clicking the affiliate link. However, they will be redirected to the home page of your store in case you’re running a campaign for all products

If a customer clicks on the affiliate link and places an order within 3 days in your store, we will track or vice versa

In case you have any questions, discuss them with our chat support team now

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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