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How to Add and Import Influencers in Your AfterShip Affiliates Account?

Influencers contribute immensely to the growth of any company. Therefore, it is vital to maintain proper data of influencers that bring new customers and increase sales.

AfterShip Affiliates doesn't provide public influencer lists, but allows its users to easily create an influencer list. You can also import the data of your influencers if you have it in the CSV format.

Steps to add and import Influencers

Go to your AfterShip Affiliates account’s ‘Affiliates’ section

choose ‘Influencer lists’ from the side menu

You will see two options: ‘Add influencer’ and ‘Import influencers’

Let’s check what you need to do after clicking on ‘Add influencer’

Upon clicking on the ‘Add influencer’ option, you’ll be asked to enter a few details. Such as:

a. Influencer Name (required): Add your influencer's name, which customers will see upon clicking the affiliate link

b. Email (optional): Enter your influencer’s email address if you want to. Otherwise, leave this field as is

c. Tags (optional): If there’s a need, specify some tags to add additional information related to your influencer. Otherwise, you can skip this part as well

Important Info:

Your created tags will be saved to let you use them again while adding more influencers. Of course, you can remove them anytime you want.

In case you add too many tags, you’ll see a dropdown button, and these settings have been done only to keep the influencer list tidy.

You can perform bulk action to add tags for multiple influencers at once. Simply, select the influencers > Tap on ‘Add tags’ and then start adding the tags > Click on ‘Save’ when you’re done.

Let’s check how to ‘Import influencers’

To import influencers, download the CSV template first and then start filling it up

If multiple rows have the same information, our system will consider them as a single entry and show only one influencer on your dashboard. Thus, always mention the email address if two or more influencers share a common name.

Note: After completing your entries, check the size of your CSV file. The CSV size limit is 20 MB.

Once your CSV file gets uploaded, click on the ‘Import influencers’ button to finish the process

In case you need help, contact our chat support team now.

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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