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How to Send Bulk Emails to Invite Influencers for Your Affiliate Campaign?

With right affiliates, increasing sales and acquiring new customers get easier for companies. It is very crucial to get maximum influencers onboard whenever you run an affiliate campaign for better results.

AfterShip Affiliates allows its users to send invitation emails in bulk to influencers and also shows crystal-clear data regarding email performance. Here're the steps:

Please note that you can send the invitation email maximum up to 500 influencers. In case your email quota of 3000 has already been exhausted, contact our chat support team now 😄

📧 Steps to send bulk emails to influencers

Go to your AfterShip Affiliates account’s ‘Affiliates’ section and choose the 2nd option, i.e. ‘Emails’

Tap on the ‘Create email’ button

You’ll see three tabs: ‘Settings,’ ‘Content,’ and ‘Styles’

⚙️ Settings

It has 4 sections, which you need to set according to your preferences

Email name: Give your email campaign name

Email subject: Enter a catchy subject line to ensure better email open rate. 4 merge tags are available to choose from: Store name, Influencer name, Influencer email and Organization owner name

Sender Info: Enter the email address from which you want to send invitation emails to influencers in the ‘Send from email’ field. Also, mention the name in the ‘Sender name’ field, which you want recipients to see when they receive the email

Send to: It gives you 3 options: ‘All,’ ‘Designated influencer,’ and ‘Influencer tags’

All: If you select this, all influencers (ones added to your Influencer list) will receive your email

Designated Influencer: If you want to send the invitation email to some particular influencers, this option lets you do that

Influencer tags: If you have added some influencers with some tags in your influencer list and only want to notify them, select the preferred tags to add specific influencers in the recipient list. Create new tags if required

🖌️ Content

The content tab comprises 3 sections by default: ‘Header,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Footer’.

You can add more content blocks by simply clicking on ‘Add blocks’.

➡️ Header

In this section, you can add your brand logo along with a dedicated URL to redirect influencers to your store so that they can learn about your offerings and make a call about joining your affiliate campaign.

In case your brand logo isn’t ready yet, simply mention your store name in the email.
➡️ Content blocks

1. Text

Here, you need to decide the alignment and size of your email content. Although description text is already there by default, you can modify it according to your needs and also use the merge tags for the same.

2. Image

It lets you upload an image (below 2 MB) in these formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png.

Also, you can adjust the image width and add a URL to make your image clickable.

3. Offer

By using this content block, you can reveal what's in store for influencers. Just choose your campaign and affiliate offer.

In addition, you can customize the offer block by choosing preferred colors with respect to background, title, description, and discount/commission value.

In the description field, you can add the address of your company or some other valuable information to build authenticity. Keep one thing in mind that 5000 characters (including spaces and symbols) are the maximum limit.

🎨 Styles

As its name suggests, this tab is all about styling. So, choose the desired font and define colors with respect to the email background, text, header, and footer.

Now, hit the ‘Save’ button to finalize your settings. Also, send yourself a test email to ensure everything is good and then decide whether you want to send the invitation email immediately or schedule it for later.
After sending the invitation emails to influencers, you need to manually change the influencer status under the campaign.

🤔 How can I measure the performance of my email once it is sent?

After sending your invitation email, you’ll see well segregated and detailed data on your AfterShip Affiliates account’s dashboard like this:

Target: It shows the total number of emails that you wanted to send

Sent: It depicts the total number of emails that have been sent actually

Opened: It sheds light on the email open rate, i.e., the percentage of influencers, who has checked your invitation email

Upon clicking on any of your sent emails, you’ll be able to see more information. Such as:

Clicked: It shows the percentage of influencers, who have clicked on any of your added URLs

Bounced: It shows the percentage of influencers, who haven't received your invitation email

Unsubscribed: It tells you how many influencers don't want to receive email notifications anymore

In case you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team 👍

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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