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How to Delight Brand Advocates With Rewards Emails?

Referral marketing has always been the most effective method to get your business going. It helps your brand establish a strong image in the market and also allows it to compete with the big names efficiently.

To keep your business running at full throttle, it gets crucial to keep your brand promoters informed and delighted. With AfterShip Affiliates, you can trigger emails promptly for each successful referral. And this plays a pivotal role in keeping loyal referrers engaged in the long run.

Steps to set up a reward email:

Go to the 'Email' section of your AfterShip Affiliates account

You will see two sections — 'Settings' and 'Content'—comprising different fields in which you can make changes in no time.

➡️ Let's start with the 'Settings' section

📨 Subject

Enter attention-grabbing content in the 'Email subject line' field to increase your email open rate. It has multiple merge tags, which gives you immersive user experience by simply extracting required data like reward details that you've set for referrers and referees under your loyalty campaign.

Available merge tags are:


Sender info

It has two fields: Sender name and Send from

Both the fields are saved to |STORE_NAME| and by default.

In case you want to change the sender email, please click on the ‘Manage sender email’ option to use your business email ID.

Note: You have to get your domain verified first with us to use your business email ID for sending email notifications.

Let's explore the 'Content' section

Upload your business logo to make your emails look authentic and build a unique brand experience.

Note that the logo size should be less than 2MB. It must be in any of these formats: .jpg, .png, .jpeg and .gif.


It has 3 fields — 'Title,' 'Description,' and 'Button' — in which you can add your desired content to make your emails more personable to readers.

You also get the aforementioned merge tags for the 'Text' and 'Description' fields so that you can easily handle variable information like referee name.

Add crucial and relatable business information to the footer of your emails for strong brand equity. For example: Address, contact information, etc.

Now, check all your changes made for both the sections and hit the 'Save' button if you are satisfied.

In case of questions, please chat with our support team now

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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