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Rule Shoppers’ Hearts by Applying Reward Coupon Code Automatically During the Checkout

Shoppers love to use coupons, especially after earning them by making a successful referral, during the checkout. They even procrastinate their shopping plans in order to club coupons with other offers provided during festive seasons. However, they sometimes face issues while applying the coupon due to typos.

AfterShip Affiliates applies coupons automatically to give both referrers and referees a mesmerizing shopping experience. Of course, they can copy and paste the coupon code as well.

🤔 When will the coupon get applied automatically?

For brand advocates: A coupon will be applied automatically during the checkout when they click on the ‘Shop now’ button of the received rewards notification email.

For referred friends: They need to click on the invite link to see the pop up with the ‘Shop now’ option. Upon clicking this option, a coupon will be applied automatically during the checkout.

Note that the reward coupon will be applied automatically only when the user meets all the conditions you’ve set in your referral campaign. So, always keep your reward coupon conditions simple to give shoppers a hassle-free experience :)

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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